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A short story by Bernice Ray Hollins
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A Vague Persuasion

Between long days working hard labor and the pressure of starting a new family, Mr. and Mrs. Abner live out a bleak existence in the underground city of Submont. For residents that are born to a life under the surface and will die under the surface, their only chance for relief comes from procreation. Replenishing the workforce through producing offspring is not only encouraged, but exists as the only means for advancing oneself in society.

Until advertisements start appearing for the mysterious Worthington Park, a utopian society above ground that promises a new way of life. Worthington Park appears to be the perfect alternative to life under the surface and entices many to leave Submont behind.

Not everyone is convinced by the images of splendid gardens and picturesque homes that Worthington Park offers, however. Mr. and Mrs. Abner struggle with the decision whether to stay below ground or start a new life in Worthington Park. But with little information and only a few obscure details, the truth about Worthington Park remains undiscovered.