About Me

Bernice Ray Hollins
Bernice R. Hollins

Hello, I’m Bernice – a literary and visual artist. While my main passion is writing, I love dabbling in graphic design, art journaling, and other forms of mixed media. My writing is influenced by a love for both speculative and literary fiction, although I’m always torn when choosing between a good novel or a well-researched history book.

I love fiction that transports readers to another time and place. Through character-driven stories, I challenge readers (and myself) to take a journey and explore the unknown within ourselves, the grey areas of life, and to come out on the other side with a better understanding of human nature.

When I’m not working on fiction, I’m using my skills to help other creative professionals showcase what makes their brand distinct. In addition to creating custom web content, I help people develop and share their creative vision with their intended audience.

I started this website as a means of sharing my own work while also providing advice, inspiration,  and insight to other creative professionals.

My home-base is in WA state where I enjoy exploring the outdoors, hanging out with my cat and two dogs, and drinking craft beer.