20 Winter Journal Prompts

20 winter journal prompts. BerniceRayHollins.com

20 Winter journal prompts to get the creativity flowing:

1. Twelve things you want to do in 2018
2. Something you’re proud of
3. Your favorite memories of snow
4. Describe the room you’re currently in
5. Something you gave away
6. Most memorable New Year’s Eve
7. Someone you aspire to be like
8. What’s in your nightstand drawer
9. What’s changed about you in the past year?
10. The best thing you ate over the holiday season
11. Things you wish you could say out loud
12. The last time you laughed out loud
13. What do you deserve right now?
14. Something everyone should have
15. Your morning routine
16. Your evening rituals
17. Memorable things about you
18. I need less…
19. What is home to you?
20. Describe a perfect day

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