Where the Wild Coffee Grows, Vintage Medical Devices, and More – My November 26th Weekly Link Roundup

Here’s this Sunday’s collection of interesting articles and stories I’ve come across throughout the week. Check out last week’s roundup here.

First up, a book review on Jeff Koehler’s Where The Wild Coffee Grows. Read about the fascinating history of the pleasures and plights of wild coffee across the globe. 

A Chicago gallery showcases the works of artist Mariano Chavez. After collecting vintage medical devices and oddities, Chavez transformed his unique collection into the haunting sculptures now on display.

One of my favorite hometown publications, The Portland Mercury, published a great post this week titled What We Know About False Rape Accusations. It’s a short read but some great food for thought.

What can our sleep-deprived culture learn from insomniacs of the past? And what does it have to do with onions?! Find out about our history of sleeplessness and what it means for society today.

Learn about How a European Slave Girl Became Queen of the Ottoman Empire in the NYT’s review of Empress of the East, the story of “a woman who smashed a glass ceiling in the 16th century”.

What did you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers this year? History Stories takes a look at The Curious History of Leftovers and how food waste and preservation has evolved over the past century.

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